Login & Register Tab


  • Login option using Apple-ID / Gmail / Facebook
  • Same for Registering options
  • Terms & Conditions



The Dashboard tab of the Client App

  • Client can check results
  • Client can remove coach
  • Direct-link to chat with the coach
  • Book session (or go to website the coach has inserted in his app)



Profile Page


  • Add name + Surname
  • Enter email (won't be visible afterwards for security reasons)
  • Option to add photo
  • When changing anything, make sure to press the 'update profile' button to make the changes active


Integrated chat 

  • Connect with your coach
  • Option to sent pictures



Check out the videos your coach has uploaded

  • Seperate files per coach that you have
  • View videos tab to explore all the uploaded elements
  • Notification green dot when new uploads have been received



Video-Upload Zone

  • The Coach uploads the videos for the clients in this section
  • Fast & smooth transitions
  • Explanation of the movements above



Coach - Request Tab

  • GDPR approved
  • Privacy confirmed
  • Similar to Facebook-invite principle
  • Client can accept, decline or later block a coach